Winning The Studio City Bonus Rounds

I play MyVegas a LOT.

Because I play so much, I enjoy the freedom that the Studio City game affords me.

I set my bet to the optimal level (and if I’m tired or unsure of the math, closing and re-opening the game will give the best and most appropriate bet) set it to 100 spins, and I can just let the game play in the background, until it either hits a big jackpot, or gets to the Studio City Bonus Round.

The Studio City Bonus Round is a set of 15 tiles, made up of five sets of three matches, each with a varying Chip Value, or Number of Free Spins.

Studio City Strategy

For instance, in the “Cast Your Leading Lady” game, there are 3 – 7 free spin tiles, 3 – 8 spin tiles, 3 – 10 spin tiles, 3 – 12 spin tiles and 3 – 20 spin tiles.

Ideally, one would like to find the three 20 spin tiles every time… but the tiles are placed in random order, and seem to be mostly different, every time.

So, I wanted to find the best, easiest way to see a large cross section of tiles, with the thought that if (by chance) the larger bonus tiles are grouped together, I might have a slight edge.*

* In any game like this, the very first three tiles you randomly hit might be the three lowest, so it is as much for fun, as anything.

I did the math, and determined that the highest possible combination of tiles, without hitting three of a kind, was ten. (Five pairs)

If I draw an eleventh tile, I will have revealed one set of three, which will determine my bonus reward.

In order to try to see if there are any discernible patterns, I have found the following patterns work best for me.

Eight randomly selected tiles:Studio City Strategy - 8

Or seven randomly selected tiles:Studio City Strategy - 7

 If you get as far as either of these, without any sets of three being unveiled, hopefully you can see if there is an opportunity to tip luck in your favor, and get a higher bonus.

Good luck !!!

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