Valentine’s Day Puzzle Bonus

For those still playing the Facebook version, there is a Valentine’s Day Bonus, as “Love is in the air !!!”

Love is in the air - MyVegas Valentine's Day Bonus | Let The Chips Fall |

Like previous puzzle games, as you play the Slot Games on the Facebook version, you automatically collect tokens. (Same as previous Bonus Games)  The tokens have different Valentines-related themes… Chocolates, Limos etc.

When you collect all the tokens, you are awarded a puzzle piece.  During the four days of the puzzle bonus, you have to collect the tokens to get all six puzzle pieces.  There are Playing Chip rewards and multiplier bonuses for the last three, depending on the Game Level you have achieved.

Good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day !!!



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  1. Aaron Godfrey on February 13, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    I have 13 more pieces to collect to be finished!

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