Starting To Play MyVegas

MyVegas is a game on Facebook, designed by PlayStudios, based on MGM Resort Properties, and takes place on a virtual Las Vegas Strip that, as you progress through the game, you help build.

During game play, you also accumulate points towards real-life MGM Resort rewards.

You can gather and collect free chips through playing games… (the only option to start is a Slot Machine game called Excalibur) …but as you progress through various levels, you are “rewarded” with access to different games, and after you “build” your first Resort property, you are given access to your own virtual Las Vegas Strip… (populated by your Facebook friends, strolling along the sidewalks) …and by “checking in” at the properties you’ve built, you are rewarded with free chips.

MyVegas Bonus Chips -

You don’t ever have to pay a penny to play MyVegas, (and at Level 49, I haven’t yet paid a penny) although, as you run low on chips, as the game progresses, the option to buy chips is frequently presented.  But, if you just wait a few hours, you can come back, visit your MyVegas Strip, and collect the free chips, to begin playing again, so I never found I wanted or needed to buy chips.  (As with most Facebook games, you are offered, on every occasion when you receive a reward of chips, to share the reward with your Facebook friends.  There are also setting changes you can make to remove notifications from your timeline, and you don’t HAVE to share your good fortune with your friends, if you don’t want to.)