St. Patrick’s Day Bonus Game

For those playing MyVegas on Facebook, there is a St. Patrick’s Day Puzzle Bonus !!! (And the MyVegas strip is festooned with shamrocks, green limos and four leaf clovers !!!)

St Patrick's Day | Let The Chips Fall

Like previous puzzle games, as you play the Slot Games on the Facebook version, you automatically collect tokens. (Same as previous Bonus Games)  The tokens have different St. Patrick’s Day related themes… Leprechaun Hats, Pots ‘o Gold, etc.

When you collect all the tokens in a game, you are awarded a scratch card.  During the eleven days of the elven puzzle bonus… (Leprechauns are elves, right?!?) …you get to scratch three cards scratch cards per day.  There are Playing Chip rewards and/or multiplier bonuses for each card, depending on the Game Level you have achieved.  When you complete and scratch all three cards for each day, there is a Completion Bonus of Loyalty Points !!! (Within the constraints of 24 hours, with the clock ticking over onto the next day using the Las Vegas (PST) timezone.)

Good luck, and happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!  #FaithAndBegorrah



MyVegas St Patricks Day Bonus Chips

This weekend, (St Patrick’s Day, don’t ye know) there are a couple of promotions going on:St Patricks 50K Chips | Let The Chips Fall |

The Excalibur Slot Game has a St. Patrick’s Day Bonus, where you look for the Lucky Shamrocks to appears while you’re spinning. (They come up and are collected automatically.  I was (at first) concerned it was going to be a “click or you lose them” thing… but it isn’t.)

Collect them all, and a “Pot o’ Gold worth 50,000 Chips will be yours.”


At the same time, the MyVegas folks have got a promotion on, to try to get ALL the MyVegas players to LIKE the MyVegas App page, in order to hit the 1 Million LIKES on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day MyVegas Million Likes |

If you HAVEN’T gone on Facebook, and liked the MyVegas App page… why the heck not ?!?  They send you notices, that appear on your Facebook wall, so you can be aware of how to get MyVegas Chips, and ofter the wall posts have links to Free MyVegas Chips !!!  What’s NOT to LIKE ???

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may the Luck O’ The Irish be with ye !!!

MyVegas St Patrick’s Day

Faith and Begorrah !!!

A busload of leprechauns had their way with the MyVegas Strip, and it is decked in shamrocks and lucky horseshoes.

The mischief makers don’t seem to be visible, although they have left various pots o’ gold visible, at the end of a few rainbows (not clickable, sadly !!!)

And SOMEONE seems to have filled all the fountains and pools with green beer !!!

Green stretch limos prowl the roads, along with the requisite Shamrock-mobiles.

Make sure that you’ve LIKED the MyVegas Facebook page, so you can take advantage of any free chips, and join in the St Patrick’s Day shenanigans

MyVegas Strip dressed up for St Patrick's Day - Let The Chips Fall |

As my Irish Granny Annie (Walsh) Gray would say: “May the luck o’ the Irish, shine upon ye !!!”

Good luck !!!