Excalibur 2 Slot Game on MyVegas

Yesterday, the much ballyhooed Excalibur 2 Slot Game on MyVegas was unveiled.

Prior to its release, the folks at MyVegas had released images (like the one below) showing the Princess dressed up in armor, wielding a long sword, and generally being a more “modern-minded” bad-ass medieval Princess.

Excalibur 2 preview - Let The Chips Fall


There are a few differences between Excalibur 1 and Excalibur 2…… but they are pretty modest, and apart from the big red “2” at the top, at first, you might not know you are playing a different game.


The Princess still waits in her tower for someone to climb the tower and deliver smooches, but this time it is the Dark Knight, instead of the Prince.  (woop)

Some of the icons on the reels are different. (woop)

The Fight Knight Bonus is exactly the same.

The “big” change seems to be that they have replaced the Date Knight Bonus with the Knights Of The Round Table Bonus Game, where you start by picking Red or Blue.  Then the Knights spin the round table, and when the spinning stops, whatever the bonus indicated by the Princess’s sword, you win.  If your color is on the winning spot, you get double the amount of Chips shown.


As far as a revision of the original game, I don’t know that it merited a re-issue. 

In my opinion, they could have had more fun pitting the Princess against either male protagonist in a revised Fight Knight, and again having the Princess pining in the Tower seems like they just ran out of ideas.

I’m not sure what compelled them to feel they needed to add another Slot Game that was SO similar to one they already had… but on the up side, it shows the folks at PlayStudios are still actively engaged and trying to make the MyVegas world better !!!

Good luck !!!

Bet The Farm Game

Bet The Farm is a multi-line slot game that has a series of Bonus Wheel games.

The crops on the reels grow, as they match. With successive matches, the crops can be harvested, and thus bonuses are gained.

When three Bonus Clouds show up on a spin, the clouds gather, and a Bonus Wheel appears.  On this spin, although the amounts vary, you can’t lose.

But, once you have that bonus, you have to choose to keep it and collect your award… or trade it in, and “Bet The Farm” !

MyVegas Bet The Farm game - LetTheChipsFall.com

There are prominent “Disaster” segments on the new wheel, and the prize amounts aren’t massive, so unless you hit a really small jackpot on the first wheel, it usually doesn’t appear to be worth the risk… because on the occasion of the wheel landing on Disaster, your farm and all the crops will be wiped out.  The other side of the gamble offers you the opportunity to gain farm elements, like windmills, ponds, water towers and such, and or cash.

There is also a smarmy snake-oil dude wanting to sell you disaster insurance… (can you guess my opinion on that option ?)

If you progress successfully through the second bonus wheel, you are offered another wheel, where every other spot is a Disaster segment… so I took my money and ran !!!