Pirate’s Cove – New MyVegas Slot Game

Today, the scurvy knaves at MyVegas rolled out another new Slot Game – Pirate’s Cove.

Initially, it is only available to players who either buy chips, or invite three (or more) friends who aren’t already playing MyVegas to join… but I’m sure it will be open to everyone, soon.

In the meantime, here is the skinny, if ye ARRRRRRGH ready !!!  (Last pirate joke… sorry !!!)

Pirate's Cove - MyVegas Slot Game

It is a five reel Slot Game, with three Bonus Games.

As always with MyVegas Games, the tiles and characters match the theme of the game… so the tiles are comprised of Pirates, Parrots, Treasure Maps, Cannons, Captain, Anchors, Telescopes, Sharks and such.  You can consult the game’s PAYS table, to find out all the different winning combinations.

Just above the reels, near the top of the Game field, you can see there are three sections: Caribbean Gold, Free Spin & Golden Conquest.

These are the three Bonus Games, and you get to play them, by collecting three of the appropriate tiles: Caribbean Gold Bonus is three treasure chests, Free Spins Bonus is three ship’s wheels and Golden Conquest is three sets of crossed cutlasses.

Caribbean Gold Bonus Game - MyVegas PC - Caribbean Gold Bonus 1
  •  Caribbean Gold Bonus is similar to one of the Luxor Game Bonuses, where you have bonus numbers spinning horizontally around your ship, and whatever the number is, when the spinning stops… you get that number of Bonus Chips.
  • Free Spin Bonus is a number of free spins, where you don’t have to bet anything, in order to win Bonus Chips.
PC - Golden Conquest Bonus 1 Golden Conquest Bonus Game - MyVegas
  • Golden Conquest Bonus is similar to an Excalibur Bonus Game, where you choose Pirate or British Captain, as the two Captains wage a cannon battle, while a hungry shark looks back and forth to see who will lose.

Overall, it seems like a pretty fun game, with the Bonus Games occurring at fairly regular intervals.

Good luck !!!

Frontier Fortune New MyVegas Slot Game

The folks at MyVegas have been busy, designing another NEW MyVegas Slot Game: Frontier Fortune!

If you played and completed last weekend’s Frontier Fortune Bonus Game, you got access to the new game this afternoon.

If you weren’t able to complete the Bonus Game, don’t despair, they say they will be releasing it generally, tomorrow. (Friday, August 9th)

Frontier Fortune is a five reel Slot Game, with two Bonus Games.

Frontier Fortune - MyVegas Slot Game | Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

As seen in the above image there are a number of “Character” Tiles, which, upon matching, you win various bonus rewards. (Check the PAYS table, for more information on this.)

The first Bonus Game is on the left side of the screen: The Free Spin Fireworks Bonus.  Collect five of the Free Spin Bonus tiles, and the fuse burns up to light the Firework, which blasts off and announces how many free spins you’ve been awarded.Frontier Fortune - NEW MyVegas Slot Game | Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

The second Bonus Game is at the bottom of the screen, and consists of making the armadillo leap from one hole to the next.  When he reaches the BONUS hole, it starts a Hi-Lo Bonus Game.  The armadillo advances one hole when a Hi-Lo Bonus tile comes up, or advances to the BONUS hole when two Gold Nugget Bonus tiles show up on the same screen as a Hi-Lo Bonus tile.Hi-Lo Bonus - Frontier Fortune Slot Game in MyVegas | Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

Once the Hi-Lo Bonus Game starts, you are given a “starting” card, with a face value ranging from 2 (low) to Ace (high). Once you know your card’s value, you shoot the bulls-eye target above or below the next selection, depending whether you think the next card will be higher or lower.  At each correct selection, the process repeats (for a total of five cards.) As you win, the Bonus Chip total increases.  If you choose wrong, you get to keep the Chips you’ve collected to that point, and return to the Frontier Fortune Slot Game.

Frontier Fortune - NEW MyVegas Slot Game | Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

As you win successive Hi-Lo Bonus Game, there is a “Hi-Lo Spoils” tracker (in the form of increasingly fancier boot spurs) which “kicks in.”

Enjoy the game, and good luck !!!

Luxor MyVegas Game

Today, the folks at MyVegas unveiled their newest game… Luxor !!!

(The actual name seems to be “Luxor with Gods of Odds”, but that is a bit of a mouthful, so we’ll just call it Luxor, for short)

Luxor - The new MyVegas Game - Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

It is a five reel slot game, with three different Bonus Games.

The set up is similar to previous MyVegas slot games, in that (depending upon your level,) you can control the amount of your bet, per spin of the reels.

Beyond that similarity, the look and feel of the game is quite different and unique.

The first (and seemingly most common to occur) Bonus Game is the ‘Gods of Odds’.  You get to play it, once you have collected three “Lightning Bolt – Gods of Odds” tiles. 

Once you collect the three lightning bolts (on the top right of the play screen… above the reels) you are taken to a game screen, where… (similar to the Excalibur bonus) …there are two Gods about to fight, and you must try to pick the winner.

Luxor - Gods of Odds Bonus Game - from the new MyVegas Game - Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

As has been my strategy throughout, I pick one guy, and count on getting at least 50% correct.

Although it DOES seem that even when you pick wrong, the Gods of Odds are smiling on you… at least for now !!!  : )


The second Bonus Game is a Free Spin Bonus, and upon collecting three free spin reels (in the center position, above the reels, in the top image) you get eight free spins.


The third Bonus Game is the Sphinx-Ray Bonus, where you have to collect three Sphinxes (in the right position, above the reels, in the top image.)

Upon collecting your third bonus icon, you are taken to the scene of a fountain in front of the Luxor Sphinx, with a spin button.

Luxor - Sphinx-Ray Bonus Game - from the new MyVegas Game - Let The Chips Fall | LetTheChipsFall.com

Once you press the spin button, the blue tiles start to spin horizontally, and you win however many chips show on the tile when the spinning stops.

(It SEEMS you can win anywhere from your initial bet, up to 50,000 chips.)


As always when you start playing a new game, the symbols are different and new, and taking a few minutes looking over the PAY table is never a bad idea.

Enjoy !!!  It seems like a fun game* !!!

Good luck !!!

* I am a MyVegas fan, just like you, and didn’t get any advance look or insight into the new Luxor Game… but I wanted to post this as soon as possible, because I think it is a game that MyVegas players will enjoy… (Like I said above, I have been playing a good while, after starting with not many chips !!!) … if I come across more or different information, I will add add to or amend this post.

Around The World In 80 Plays MyVegas Game

Today, the Around The World In 80 Plays MyVegas game became available to play.

The concept seems to be to travel to all five world destinations in under 80 spins of the five reel slot game.

80 Days

At each of the five destinations, there is a bonus screen, with a “find the objects in the picture” bonus round.

The more objects that are found, in the quickest amount of time, gets more bonus spins.

The character tiles in the game (not surprisingly) seem based on Jules Verne’s “Around the World In 80 Days” with the familiar characters of Mr. Fogg, Passepartout, Detective Fix and Ms. Aouda… although the main character in the game seems to be a woman adventurer, whose name has not yet been revealed.

As stated previously in the Jewels Verne post, I am HOPELESS at finding “images hidden in plain sight” in pictures, and quickly burned through my bonus time, finding only a few items.

For those of you who enjoy playing that kind of bonus round, I wish you the best of luck… but I can’t properly comment on this game, as my brain just doesn’t “see” the things that are right in front of me on the screen, so I can’t really provide any useful commentary about this game, although I DO think it is great that the folks at PlayStudios continue to develop and tweak games and are open to feedback.  THAT is a big part of what is making this game continue to thrive, and be successful. (Apart from the rewards, of course)

Good luck !!!