MyVegas Pay Lines

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of folks post comments, like the one below:

During the #10 my strip bonus.. Star level 2, I am working toward 17 x 4 skillets and have seen many (more then 6 instances) that are not calculating in my total toward the reward.  Please evaluate to correct.

Firstly…  thanks for taking the time to comment !!!

Secondly… a quick reminder, that our Let The Chips Fall Team isn’t paid by, sponsored by, or in any way affiliated with, MyVegas or Play Studios.  We just REALLY like the concept, and like to go to Vegas and get free stuff !!!  (And we’re happy to help our readers succeed, in the same way !)

Thirdly… and perhaps most relevant to the topic… you have to remember the PAYLINES.

Pay Lines

So, (in the case of the letter writer above) it doesn’t matter that you get 4 skillets showing up, unless they are in one of the above patterns.  If they are in another layout, configuration, pattern… (call it what you will) …that doesn’t count towards your Challenge, and you just have to keep on spinning !!!

You can find a table like this on every slot game by clicking through the screens on the PAYS link.  (In the image below, it is near the bottom left corner, next to the Loyalty Points Progress Meter.) But mostly, I think it is easier to trust that the Game will keep track, and every so often click on the stars to see how your progress is coming along.

Nothing more frustrating than forgetting you are doing a PLUS Challenge, and you’ve already completed the portion of the task for the Game you are playing !!!Pirate's Cove - MyVegas Slot Game

 Keep playing and good luck !!!