Collecting Loyalty Points On Android Versus Apple Mobile Devices

For those of you who are regular visitors to this site, you know that I am ALL ABOUT the Loyalty Points.

Collecting Loyalty Points is why I play MyVegas.

As much fun as playing is… my purpose for playing is driven by getting real-life Las Vegas rewards.

Today, I was away from home, and had to wait somewhere, and thought I would play MyVegas on my phone.

My ANDROID phone.

Normally, I collect chips on my phone, but only play on my iPad.

And, when I leveled up, I received the regular Playing Chip bonus… but NO LOYALTY POINTS?!?

And so, I checked, and sure enough… players who play on Android devices get ZILCH for Loyalty Points, when they Level Up.

To me, this was mind-blowing…

Screen shots are below, of the Android and iPad.

Android Versions of MyVegas Games don't offer the same Loyalty Points - iPad Versions of MyVegas Games don't offer the same Loyalty Points -

If you haven’t caught my drift… by playing on my Android, when I leveled up, I missed out on getting 765 Loyalty Points.

Now, I’m not going to beef, or say I was robbed, or whatever…

I just want to make sure that anyone else… everyone else… out there, who reads this, is aware.

So… All things being equal… if you have a choice, and have the option of collecting Loyalty Points on an Android Versus Apple Mobile Device… I would suggest EVERYONE use the Apple devices, as you will get MORE LOYALTY POINTS.



Thanksgiving On MyVegas Strip

Autumn and Thanksgiving arrived on the MyVegas Strip this morning.

The center of the strip is set for dinner, with long tables laid out.

A Turkeymobile is cruising the autumn leaf strewn strip, and overhead a blimp floats by, bringing a Happy Thanksgiving message to all.

More importantly, there is a Turkey Farm next to Circus Circus, where you can get a heaping stack of MyVegas Loyalty Points !!!

MyVegas Strip - Thanksgiving on the MyVegas Strip -

Happy Thanksgiving !!!