MyVegas Million Chip Giveaway Contest

Today (January 31st) is the first day of the MyVegas Million Chip Giveaway Contest !!!

For each of the eight next days, there will be a clue posted, guiding you to a word.  Write down all eight words and submit them to win.

MyVegas Chip - Strategic Play

Here are the official details:

We’re celebrating Jules Verne’s Birthday on Feb 8 by giving 8 lucky winners 1,000,000 Free Chips + 100,000 Chips for a Friend. Start collecting your CLUES now. Click the link below for details.

Good luck !!!


MLife is the MGM resorts rewards program.

By being a rewards program member, and showing or using your card, you earn rewards… called Comps.

You can get more details from the MLife website, or by talking to the Member Services folks at the Casino..

However, just by signing up to be an MLife member (secure sign up here) you qualify you for offers and bonuses.

Recently, some of those bonus offers have included links to MyVegas Bonus Chips !!!

Here is one I received a few days ago:

MLife Free Chips

 In order to take advantage of the MyVegas rewards, you have to sign up for the MLife Program anyway… so why not do it ahead of time, and let them send you free chips ?

Good luck, and keep “Chipping” away !!!

(Again, I am in no way affiliated with MGM Resorts, and receive no bonuses from them, other than those I am entitled to, as an MLife member.)

Twenty Million MyVegas Chip Giveaway

The MyVegas game is about to hit a major milestone… 100,000 daily players on Facebook.

To celebrate, they’ve decided to pick 100 active daily players to win 100.000 FREE CHIPS !!!

They’re also picking 10 x 10,000 FREE CHIPS to share with 10 friends.

Chips Clown - MyVegas | LetTheChipsFall.comEveryone who is an active MyVegas player, gets one entry per player, per calendar day, between now and Sunday midnight (Vegas time)

Good luck !!!