Today, MyVegas introduced another Slot game to its assortment – the Mirage Secret Garden Dolphin Habitat Slot Game.

With an assortment of dolphins, trainers and macaws… “Oh my !!!”

Like the other MyVegas slot games, it is a 3 x 5 30-line slot reel. 

The tiles feature tropical drinks, sardines, macaw food, the Mirage Hotel, as well as character tiles for a dolphin trainer, a macaw trainer and the combined animal tile of Tiki the White Tiger, Mickey the Macaw and Daphne the Dolphin.

MyVegas Dolphin Jump Game | Let The Chips Fall |

The first game feature is the Dolphin Jump Hi/Low Bonus, where (after getting five dolphin jump bonus icons, shown in the bottom line, above) Daphne the Dolphin has to jump and pop 5 suspended balloons. Before each jump, you have to pick whether the next number will be higher or lower than the previous number. (The numbers range between 1 and 10) If you are correct, you advance.  If you are wrong… well… back to the beginning.

MyVegas Dolphin Jump Bonus Game | Let The Chips Fall |

This game has more “stuff” going on than say, the more predictable Studio City slot game, which runs better “unattended.”  But it certainly has a few different things going on.

The “other” section of the bonus rounds involves Mickey the Macaw advancing up the palm tree to the ‘bonus’ coconuts.  He moves upwards, every time a Free Spin Bonus Macaw tile appears (see below)

MyVegas Dolphin Jump Bonus Game | Let The Chips Fall |

Good luck !!!