Keeping Track

There are three game elements in the MyVegas game on Facebook, that are important to understand.

MyVegas Game Elements - LetTheChipsFall.comOn the left side is a chip icon, and your current available chips that you have, to bet. (6,402)

(If you click on this section, there is a link to buy more chips, but we’ve already covered my opinions on that in a different section… Play for fun, not because you feel compelled to.)

In the middle is a number icon, which indicates the current VIP Level you are at. (3)

To the right of this number, is a progress bar, indicating that I have collected 4,260 VIP Points* and I will get to the next level at 5,000 points.

Every time you place a bet, you earn VIP points.  Each VIP Level unlocks games, rewards, expanded betting or spinning options, and more.

*VIP Points are equivalent to the number of chips bet.

(If you click on this section, a pop up window gives you know what benefit you will receive, once you achieve the next VIP Level.)

On the right hand side is a gold coin and the number of Loyalty Points earned. (190)

These points are accumulated through game play, but are the “points” you use to earn the real-world MGM Resorts rewards.

You earn Loyalty Points through game play, leveling up, interacting with friends, and more.

The Rewards that the MyVegas Loyalty Points can get you, change frequently… and (honestly) seem to vary… sometimes dramatically.

Best thing to do is to check out the MyVegas Rewards online.


So, play on, and enjoy !!!