MyVegas Halloween Scratch Cards

In advance of Halloween, the folks at MyVegas have designed a new Bonus Chips Game.

Play any slot game from now until midnight on October 30th, and you collect tokens automatically. (Same as previous Bonus Games)

This time, when you collect all the game pieces, you are awarded a scratch card.

You select squares on the card by clicking on them, and behind each square is a chip amount.  Keep scratching until you have found three matching amounts, and that is the amount of Bonus Chips you receive !!!

Halloween Scratch Card

There are five different Scratch Cards to win:

1 – Up to 2000 Bonus Chips – Collect 10 Claws

2 – Up to 2500 Bonus Chips – Collect 8 Ghosts

3 – Up to 5000 Bonus Chips – Collect Pumpkins

4 – Up to 10K Bonus Chips – Collect Tombstones

5 – Up to 35K Bonus Chips – Collect Bats

Good luck !!!



Halloween on the MyVegas Strip

Halloween has come to the MyVegas Strip !!!

Fountains overflow with orange goop, and the usually beautiful trees are twisted and gnarled.

Fortunately, this weekend you can get Double XP Points for playing the MGM MegaStars Slot Game, which should, hopefully help you overcome any sudden fear of pumpkins that may arise.

MyVegas Halloween

Happy Halloween !!!

Good luck !



Halloween Puzzle Bonus Quest

The Halloween Puzzle Bonus Quest is the now familiar (but still awesome) MyVegas Bonus Game, where as you play, game pieces are collected for you… so you can win Bonus Chips !!!  (Really… who DOESN’T like FREE MyVegas Bonus Chips ?!?) However, this time there is an added treat, that at the end, you can send the completed puzzle card to your Facebook friends.

MyVegas Halloween Puzzle Bonus Quest

The puzzle pieces you need are:

  • 8 – Casino Visitors – 1000 Bonus Chips
  • 12 – Pumpkins – 1600 Bonus Chips
  • 15 – Promenade Pieces – Some* Bonus Chips
  • 20 – Fountain – Some* Bonus Chips
  • 25 – Tower – Some* Bonus Chips

Some* – Bonus Chips awarded vary based on the Game Level you’ve achieved.

Happy Hallowe’en !!!

Good luck !!!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween !!!

MyVegas has gone spooky for Halloween - MyVegas FrankenBob

Earlier today, the MyVegas Strip was turned into a Halloween Hauntfest, with ghosts wandering the sidewalks… headless horsemen riding up and down the strip, alongside Pumpkin carriages !!!

The MGM Resort properties have been “spookified” with lots of gravestones, snakes slithering in orange lava pools, and barren spooky trees everywhere !!!

The folks at PlayStudios have really outdone themselves.

MyVegas has gone spooky for Halloween - MyVegas BOO !!!

* A day after they posted the new look, they added a couple of bonuses to the new look:  If you click on the Graveyard to the left of Circus Circus, and the Pumpkin Patch across the street… you get free Loyalty Points !!!

They are also adding bonuses that you can click on in your Facebook feed, to get free chips.  Some are quantity or time limited, so check your timeline regularly !!! (Especially at midnight)