Christmas On The MyVegas Strip

Today, the MyVegas Strip was struck by a sudden and Seasonal snowstorm.

The sidewalks of town are covered in snow.

The Christmas tree lot has moved further down the street, to make room for a cute little Gingerbread House.

The MGM Resort properties are festooned with candy canes and presents.

Best of all, there are new and different ways to collect Chips and Loyalty Points.

From the MyVegas Facebook page, here are the highlights of the changes:

Friend Bar

Invite friends and gift neighbors from our handy new Friend Bar. Also see how you stack up against other VIPs to snag one of the coveted top three spots!

Random Property Harvesting

Each of your Las Vegas strip properties generates random awards – and each can award both chips and loyalty points. Go try your luck!


We’re slowly adding our new achievements system to myVEGAS. This round includes achievements for sending gifts, accepting gifts, adding neighbors, as well as achievements for completing properties and gaining new VIP tiers. These achievements award chips and loyalty points! Let us know what you think of the new achievements!

Gift Dialog

From time-to-time, you’ll see our snazzy new gift dialog. This allows you to send gifts out to a dozen friends and neighbors with a single click.

Gifting Change

We’ve changed the gifting cycle from every 12 hours to 24 hours (no more getting up in the middle of the night to send gifts!). To balance that out, we’ve giving BOTH the sender and the receiver 50 chips for each accepted gift!

VIP Rewards

Check out the Rewards catalog for a few specially-priced offers for our VIPs! We’ll be adding more VIP Rewards soon!

Holiday Art

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It certainly does look a lot like Christmas, and (personally) I LOVE the new way of getting Loyalty Points.

The change to the Friend Bar is good, although (frankly) on a smaller screen computer, it takes a lot of real estate, and can make it challenging to collect Chips, but they keep tweaking it, and making it better.

Now… enough reading !!! Go play the game !!!

Good luck !!!

Tis The Holiday Season in MyVegas

It is the Holiday Season on the MyVegas Strip, and folks are abuzz with the Festivities !!!

A Pine Tree lot has sprung up next to Circus Circus, with chips available to happy patrons.

Only on the MyVegas Strip, would you see a limo driving with a pair of Christmas trees strapped to the roof !!!

The center of the Strip is lined with Pine trees.

What else does Saint Nick have up his sleeve ?  We’ll have to wait and see… but hopefully some bonus Loyalty Points will become available soon !

Collect MyVegas Chips

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Good luck !!!