MyVegas Halloween Scratch Cards

In advance of Halloween, the folks at MyVegas have designed a new Bonus Chips Game.

Play any slot game from now until midnight on October 30th, and you collect tokens automatically. (Same as previous Bonus Games)

This time, when you collect all the game pieces, you are awarded a scratch card.

You select squares on the card by clicking on them, and behind each square is a chip amount.  Keep scratching until you have found three matching amounts, and that is the amount of Bonus Chips you receive !!!

Halloween Scratch Card

There are five different Scratch Cards to win:

1 – Up to 2000 Bonus Chips – Collect 10 Claws

2 – Up to 2500 Bonus Chips – Collect 8 Ghosts

3 – Up to 5000 Bonus Chips – Collect Pumpkins

4 – Up to 10K Bonus Chips – Collect Tombstones

5 – Up to 35K Bonus Chips – Collect Bats

Good luck !!!



Pirate’s Cove Quest Bonus Game


This afternoon, the folks at MyVegas put out a teaser, prior to unlocking the Pirate’s Cove Slot Game. (Currently, you have to invite three Facebook Friends who weren’t yet MyVegas players to join in the MyVegas fun, to gain access to the game.)

To make the new game a little more exciting, they’ve added the Pirate’s Cove Quest Bonus Game… (for the next five days) … to get Bonus Chips !!!

As always, you can collect tokens by playing any MyVegas Slot Game.  The tokens are collected for you automagically.

There are five sets of Pirate-themed tokens.  The tokens are:

  • 10 Treasure Maps – 1500 Chips
  • 15 Box Compasses – 2000 Chips
  • 25 Spyglasses – 3000 Chips x Your Bonus Multiplier*
  • 40 Skeleton Keys – 5000 Chips x Your Bonus Multiplier*
  • 60 Treasure Chests – 15 K Chips x Your Bonus Multiplier*

*Bonus Multipliers seem to vary based on the Game Level achieved.

Good luck !!!

MyVegas 300 Million Chip Giveaway

It was just announced this morning, that those crazy kids running MyVegas are giving away 300 MILLION Chips !!!

Here’s how it works:

  • Like previous Bonus Games, your tickets are collected automatically.
  • You can play any MyVegas Slot Game to enter.
  • For every 2,000 XP Points earned, you get awarded 1 Entry Ticket.
  • You can collect up to 1,000 Entry Tickets per day.
  • The more tickets you collect, the greater your chances of winning.


  • 10 Daily Winners will each receive 10 Million MyVegas Chips.
  • 200 Daily Winners will each receive 1 Million MyVegas Chips.


  • Contest started Friday, August 23 at 10 am PST
  • Contest closes Wednesday, Aug 28 at midnight PST


  • 6 Daily Drawings.
  • Winners will be randomly selected from the previous day’s entries.
  • Winners will be announced each day on the MyVegas Facebook Page.
  • You are only eligible to win one prize, during this Contest.

Update: Yes, there was a hiccup at the end of Day One… but the folks at MyVegas seem to have it fixed, so carry on !!!

Here is the graphic with the Official Rules:

MyVegas 300 Million Chip Giveaway - Let The Chips Fall -

Good luck !!!

MyVegas Bouquet Bonus Game

 In advance of Mother’s Day, the folks at MyVegas have introduced a Free Chip Bonus into the Excalibur Slot Game

MyVegas Mother's Day Bonus - Let The Chips Fall -

Like the Lucky Birds “Egg Hunt” at Easter, it is easy to collect flowers…the game does that for you.  You don’t have to scour the reels or pay particular attention.

As you play the Excalibur slots game, a flower icon will (sometimes) randomly appear on the reels.  When it does, a message pops up, saying that you’ve found a flower.  At certain intervals, it awards you between 500 and 50,000 Bonus Chips !!

1 Flower gets you 500 Chips

5 Flowers gets you 2,000 Chips

10 Flowers gets you 5,000 Chips

15 Flowers gets you 10,000 Chips

19 Flowers gets you 12,500 Chips

20 Flowers gets you 50,000 Chips

MyVegas Mother's Day Bonus - Let The Chips Fall -

The game also helps you keep track of how many bonuses you have accumulated, as there is a tally counter in the top right corner of the MyVegas screen, that indicates how many of the 20 Bonus Flowers you have accumulated.

MyVegas Mother's Day Bonus - Let The Chips Fall - LetThehipsFall.comFall

They’ve also decorated the MyVegas Strip for Mother’s Day… Lots of yellow balloons and hearts !!!

The only thing that I DID notice that was different in the Excalibur Slots gameplay, is that the MyVegas folks seem to REALLY want you to share the fact that you are playing MyVegas on your timeline.  In the Date Knight Bonus Game, they have replaced the “OK” close button with a “SHARE” button.  (Hitting the Red “X” button at the top right corner of the Bonus window will allow you to shut down the bonus game without sharing.)  They haven’t changed the Fight Knight Bonus Game.

MyVegas Easter Egg Hunt

Recently, the folks at MyVegas have become very creative in promoting their games around Special Days and Dates on the calendar. This weekend is no different, as they are enticing us to play the Lucky Birds Slot Game, with an Easter Egg hunt for Bonus MyVegas Chips. And, as with the recent St Patrick’s Day Shamrock search, there is no skill required. (I tried to pay attention, to get an image of what the BONUS Easter Egg looks like, and I’ve missed 8 opportunities, so far.)

Easter - Bonus Chips

When you play Lucky Birds, during this promotion, there is a counter, in the top left corner of the game screen (marked with the arrow, in the image below) which will keep track of how close you are to the 50,000 Chip Bonus. Egg-Stravaganza

It is an egg-stra special egg-stravaganza !!!  (I crack me up !!!)

Happy Easter !!!