Collecting Loyalty Points On Android Versus Apple Mobile Devices

For those of you who are regular visitors to this site, you know that I am ALL ABOUT the Loyalty Points.

Collecting Loyalty Points is why I play MyVegas.

As much fun as playing is… my purpose for playing is driven by getting real-life Las Vegas rewards.

Today, I was away from home, and had to wait somewhere, and thought I would play MyVegas on my phone.

My ANDROID phone.

Normally, I collect chips on my phone, but only play on my iPad.

And, when I leveled up, I received the regular Playing Chip bonus… but NO LOYALTY POINTS?!?

And so, I checked, and sure enough… players who play on Android devices get ZILCH for Loyalty Points, when they Level Up.

To me, this was mind-blowing…

Screen shots are below, of the Android and iPad.

Android Versions of MyVegas Games don't offer the same Loyalty Points - iPad Versions of MyVegas Games don't offer the same Loyalty Points -

If you haven’t caught my drift… by playing on my Android, when I leveled up, I missed out on getting 765 Loyalty Points.

Now, I’m not going to beef, or say I was robbed, or whatever…

I just want to make sure that anyone else… everyone else… out there, who reads this, is aware.

So… All things being equal… if you have a choice, and have the option of collecting Loyalty Points on an Android Versus Apple Mobile Device… I would suggest EVERYONE use the Apple devices, as you will get MORE LOYALTY POINTS.