Strategic Play

In MyVegas, just as in the real Las Vegas, the signposts all point towards “The Big Bet.”

There are always “Bet Max” buttons, and assurances that if you bet BIG, you get points sooner.

However, I find that a modest bet, played consistently, over time, proves to be a better strategy.

The games are not structured in your favor.  The odds in MyVegas, just like in Real Vegas, favor the house… so that, over time, you will eventually lose your chips.

MyVegas Chip - Strategic Play

Knowing that, let’s pretend to play a game, a couple of different ways.

Let’s say I have 1000 chips, and I’m going to play a game.

If I bet all 1000 at once, I might win… or I might lose.

If I play a 20 chip bet, 50 times… I will lose some, but I will also win some, and thereby be able to extend my play.

At the end of the session, I will still have started with the same amount of chips… but I will hopefully have extended my playtime, and in the process eaten up more VIP Points, and earned more Loyalty Points.

The challenge is to look at the total number of chips you have, and play for as long a period of time as you have.

I would draw the example (outside the game) to betting on Craps.  Putting a big bet on any one number MIGHT win you a big payoff.  But, statistically, a few smaller more strategically placed bets will allow you to play longer, and THAT is what most Casinos look at, when reviewing for comps.

Chips Clown - MyVegas

In order to prevent endless play with low bets, the MyVegas game designers have put pop up windows in, to make sure you don’t just set the game and walk away.

So, although the 100 Auto-Spin option is available to me, I doubt I ever get close to 50 spins without having to confirm a winning amount, or selecting a game option in a bonus round.

But I still find that (especially in the higher rounds) where you have 700,000 points between levels, and multiple levels between achievements, it is important to maximize play.

To me, that means a smaller bet, played more often, so that I can spread out my chances of hitting a larger win over a greater number of repeated bets.

(And by choosing a smaller bet, and extending my play, I also increase my chances of receiving a “bump” from entering a bonus round… so I can keep playing even longer !!!)

However, it has been confirmed for me that the whole thing is more complicated than it appears, as my Loyalty Point levels started going up slower.  I got this reply to my enquiry:

Hey Bob,

Here’s the whole deal…The math that calculates Loyalty Points is fairly complicated. In general, you earn loyalty points faster if you make larger wagers.

But Loyalty Points generation considers several factors, including your level. So as you level up, you’ll need to make larger wagers to earn LP at the same rate. This is designed to offset the larger bonuses awarded by the player’s properties.

I recommend trying many different wager amounts (especially when you change levels) until you find one that earns LP at the rate you want.

We have a fair number of players that have NOT purchased and have a loyalty point balance of more than 40,000. Three of our top ten loyalty point earners haven’t purchased!

So, I would suggest assessing what bet to make, based on your total number of chips, and calculating that you need somewhere around 30 to 50 spins (on average) to get through a level  of Studio City, in order to get a bonus, and keep playing… keeping in mind that you WILL gain some chips as you play.

*It should be noted that I have not purchased chips or loyalty points, and do not advocate doing so.


  1. Julia on April 21, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    If I had made small bets, it would have taken me forever to level up and gain LP. I have learned strategies too. Save up coins. Collect hotels, do your daily spin, collect all coupons every day (some people post the updated coupon list on their profile every day), and collect your maximum of 20,000 coins every day. I never play the ticket or scratchcard games. They are a rip off and are meant to suck your coins dry. The only time I ever play are on double XP days and I only play on high roller games. When I play, I only do max bet. When you save up for days, you can easily have 1 – 2 million coins ready to be spent. On those double XP days, I can easily level up around 30 times. Double XP usually happens twice a month, sometimes more often. On average I level up about 60 levels/month. I have been doing this for about 6 month now. Before that I was only leveling up maybe once every 2 weeks. I am not over level 500 and have over 1.3 million LP. The double XP/only max bet strategy works, if you are disciplined and get all the coins possible every day without playing any games. Minimum bet is not the way to play unless you never want to level up, never want LP or large amounts of coins. It will takes you years of playing before you have enough to make large reward purchases. Good luck

    • Julia on April 21, 2014 at 3:52 pm

      Also, the key to being able to collect the maximum 20,000 coins is to get them from your news feed and the only way to do that is to have a lot of friends. So add friends like crazy, but only add them from official “add me” lists so you don’t get put in FB jail. If you have lots of friends, collect your hotels, do the spin, collect the 20,000, collect and send all your gifts, and collect coupons, you can easily earn 80,000 – 100,000 coins per day. After 2 weeks, you can have well over a million coins. Making small bets won’t get your LP bank up. Making max bet is the bet, but you have to have the coin to back up the bet, so get collecting and saving. Then when there’s a max bet day, do max bet. Eventually you will win big time and you will see your levels going up very quickly. If you’re serious about playing, this is the way to do it. If you’re just playing for fun and have no plans of spending LP, then making low bets would be just fine.

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