Rewards Redemption Policy From PlayStudios

There was originally a post, then that disappeared and there was ANOTHER post.

That ALSO has disappeared…

And I am now going to revise a link to the PlayStudios Support Page, because as the number of Rewards Partners expands, there are seemingly different rules and numbers applicable.  (It makes sense, and again, I’m just trying to help… I am not affiliated with MyVegas or PlayStudios… I’m just trying to help!)

Anyway… here are the links:

Our Rewards

Sign up for an M Life account


Good luck in MyVegas… and May the Redemptions be Ever in Your Favor!!



  1. Colleen on February 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    I don’t like the redemption maximum….I live on the East Coast and it’s expensive to even get to Vegas, let alone the amount needed Without comps…We sit here day in and day out trading chip links, helping each other earn a ridiculous amount of chips to earn a ridiculous amount of Loyalty to finally spend for a few days in Vegas…I believe it is our personal right as the player to redeem the loyalty that we earned how we choose and up to as many as we want….Who’s with me on this??

    • BG on February 17, 2013 at 11:12 pm

      Colleen –
      First of all, thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
      I don’t think ANY of us players and fans of MyVegas disagree with you. We would all like as many rewards as often as we can.
      I have to believe that the folks at PlayStudios have been caught off guard with the response to their game, and overwhelmed with folks redeeming rewards.
      That (to me anyway) is the only reason they would try to put a lid on it…
      because it just doesn’t make sense for any other reason.

      As they say in the revision notice:

      The spirit of the Rewards program has always been to give players real world benefits and encourage them to enjoy a variety of activities once they get to Las Vegas. It was never intended to fully subsidize their Las Vegas vacations.

      I think they flat out underestimated what the response would be, and had to try to rein in the redemptions. Having said that, I think all of us who haven’t had a chance to “cash in our LP’s” yet, are a bit disappointed.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting, and good luck in the game !!!

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