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The folks at MyVegas are at it again, with another Slot Game (apparently) in the offing.  It looks like the theme this time will be a take-off on the popular Diner Dash game… which certainly makes sense, as MGM Resorts have some of the finest restaurants and top quality chefs in the world.

Before they unveil the new game, they are giving us a “taste”, with another Bonus Quest.  Collect the Reel Chef character icons to get Bonus Chips.  The more you play, the more you can win.  There are a number of stages, and (just like the Shamrock and Easter Egg hunts) you don’t have to pay attention… as long as you are playing any of the Slot Games, the game collects any bonuses you get, for you.

The first step is to assemble your team of 4 Reel Chefs.  When you collect all four, you get 1000 Free Bonus Chips.

Then you have to seat 10 customers at your restaurant.  When that is accomplished, you get a 5000 Free Chip Bonus.

There are five steps in all, culminating in a 50K Bonus:

1- assemble team – 1000 Bonus Chips
2- gather customers – 5000 Bonus Chips
3- make appetizers – 20K Bonus Chips
4- make main dishes – 25K Bonus Chips
5- make desserts – 50K Bonus Chips *

Reel Chef - MyVegas Bonus Game

There is a status indicator (Tammy the Chef) to the left of the Slot Game Playing Reel area. When you click on her icon, she will give you an update on how far you have progressed, and how much time is left in your Bonus Quest.Tammy The Chef - Let The Chips

So, get playing, and good luck !!!

* Thanks to LTCF reader, Jordan, for helping with defining the five Bonus stages.


  1. jordan on June 8, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    1- assemble team
    2- gather customers
    3- make appetizers
    4- make main dishes
    5- make desserts

  2. Tarri on June 13, 2013 at 3:49 am

    Seriously!! I played for 3 hours straight and only got 1 appetizer.

    • BG on June 13, 2013 at 4:48 am

      Not sure if it depends on the amount of Chips you play ?
      Had one reader report the following results:

      “I play Around the World at 200 points per spin. I found the first couple of levels of the chef challenge easy, and then I decided to keep track of the spins.
      For the main course (Third Stage) the first one took (about) 250 spins, second main course was 300, and the rest all varied between 300 to 350 spins, always playing at that same level.
      For the dessert level, the first reward was at 395, second at375, then 364, 367, 365, and the last one was somewhere between 415 and 425.”

      Thanks to Tricia for that info, and hope it helps !!!

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