Redeeming A MyVegas Reward

Following the recent “real-time” MyVegas Facebook Happy Hour Chat, a reader* asked me about redeeming a reward.

It seems he had gone online and tried to redeem loyalty points to purchase a food credit, but when he hit the [NEXT] button, nothing happened.

He submitted a ticket, but (because it was very late at night) didn’t get an immediate response, and asked me if I could offer an answer.

It seems that the “rewards available” number isn’t updated every time an item is redeemed… so is often wrong.

MyVegas Rewards - Redeeming MyVegas Rewards

So, the recommendation from the MyVegas Team, is to try to redeem Loyalty Points for MGM Resort rewards early in the day, when they are first released.  (For limited quantity items, especially !!!)

* Thanks Peter J. for providing the ‘heads up’ on this !!!

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