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Play Studios have, once more, expanded the MyVegas family of apps and games, and added POP Slots, a new mobile game.

POP Slots - New MyVegas Game - LetTheChipsFall.com As with their last offering – Konami, they seem to be inching away from the MyVegas Loyalty Points.

In this game, they offer you the sense of walking around the Las Vegas MGM Resort Casinos… choosing which game you would like to play, and at what machine.  They have even made virtual versions of the casino carpet and decor.

Like the other apps, it is available for both Apple and Android devices, and… (it is VERY important to note, and complete) …your Loyalty Point total is linked, synced (and kept safe) by connecting your profile through Facebook.  (So… DO IT, IMMEDIATELY!)

POP Slots - New MyVegas Game - LetTheChipsFall.comWhen you load the app, you only have access to the MGM Grand Casino.  As you progress, you gain access to the Mirage (and presumably the Excalibur next, as they add properties to the Game.)

As always, you can buy Chips, but they are given free every two hours, in increasing amounts as you progress through the levels… and every 24 hours, you also get a Daily Bonus of Chips.

POP Slots - New MyVegas Game - LetTheChipsFall.comThe games in the casino are similar to the slot games in other MyVegas offerings.  For the MGM Grand Casino, the available games are: MGM Grand Mega Star, Frontier Fortune, Emerald 7’s, Around The World In 80 Plays and Race To Oz.

In the Mirage Casino, the available games are: Mirage, Welcome To Fabulous Betrock, Forbidden 7’s, Jack And The Beanstalk, with Wall Of Khan coming soon.

POP Slots - New MyVegas Game - LetTheChipsFall.comThe ‘feel’ of this game is quite similar to walking around a casino… sitting down… interacting a bit with players around you (through an ’emoji’ interface).  For me, the critical difference was that playing doesn’t necessarily gain you MyVegas Loyalty Points.

When you choose a game to play, you are given a bank of 8 machines that will be partially filled with other players.  They indicate to you the available machines, and the “hottest” machine. 

POP Slots - New MyVegas Game - LetTheChipsFall.comOnce you choose a machine, there is a kind of split screen… where you can see the slot machine you are playing, as well as an overview of the bank of four machines you are sitting at, and the players immediately around you.

To begin, you choose the amount of your bet… (it is initially kept small to maximize play, but increases as you advance through levels.)

There is also an Auto button, that will allow you to spin, and bet and never have to look at the game.


The only way to get MyVegas Loyalty Points (Gold Coins) is to pay attention, because at random intervals, you and the players around you will inflate a purple BONUS “POP” balloon, (see image below) which rises from the bank of machines you are “sitting at”… and if you don’t touch the screen to “pop” the balloon… it just drifts away.  Sometimes the Bonus will be XP Points, sometimes Chips, and sometimes Loyalty Points.

POP Slots - New MyVegas Game - LetTheChipsFall.comThese POP Bonus balloons seem to be the ONLY way that this game adds to your Loyalty Point total.

There was a PlayStudios questionnaire a few months back, and one of the questions was “Would you play MyVegas, even if there was no loyalty incentive program.”  From the increasingly incrementally smaller awards of Loyalty Points, and the fact that you can play this latest game, and (if you aren’t paying attention) not collect ANY Loyalty Points… I’m guessing enough people said “yes”.

The OTHER feature of POP Slots, and one that seems to be evolving, is interacting with, and getting benefits from, those players at the machines “around you”.  You are able to “greet”, “congratulate” and “thank” the players sitting in your bank of machines, when they arrive, when they do well, and when they hit a shared bonus… by tapping on the emojis that appear at the bottom left of the screen.

The shared portion of the Bonus Round starts when any player in your bank of four machines gets 3 ‘FREE SPIN’ icons on their slot machine game screen.  The options that follow are different, depending on the Casino, and the Game being played… but all the active players in your bank of four machines, benefit and play the same Bonus Round.  (It should be noted, that just “sitting” at a machine doesn’t make you eligible for the Bonus Rewards, and that the amount you are betting, determines the amount of your Bonus Reward.)

The POP Slots game is fun, as it has a completely different feel… and more of a “Casino” atmosphere… (as much as you can in the virtual world).  As long as you are aware of how the game works, it is a fun time! 

If you are ONLY playing for Loyalty Points, and don’t have time to pay attention to the games… this one might not be for you.

Good luck!


NB: As always, I make no claim to owning the rights to any of these images… they are screen-caps of my game play, and I use them simply to promote the MyVegas (in this case, Konami) brand.  And I run this Blog with their inferred approval. (Inasmuch as they haven’t said not to.)  And, it should be said, (other than the benefits available to ALL MyVegas players), I receive no special deals, offers or bonuses from the folks at MyVegas, Konami or PlayStudios.





  1. Laura on August 28, 2016 at 1:22 am

    Love the new slots. I’m Anxious for the Excalibar. Any idea how much longer?

    Also,,, there are always advertisements for new slot.
    I personally think it’s a waste of time to play slots that I am not earning rewards.

    Is there any other ones?
    My vegas (blackjack and slots)

  2. Robin Eriksen on August 30, 2016 at 3:12 am

    have you found that with popslots you stop getting the gold coins after getting approximately 200 of them?

  3. Sandra on September 6, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    How am I only at 10,000 Loyalty points at level 41 but my friend just downloaded his game yesterday and he’s at level 6 and he has about 137,000 Loyalty points??

    • Noone on October 17, 2016 at 6:00 am

      Perhaps he’s playing another my Vegas slots game. There are 4 mobile games that are linked by your FB that give coins.

    • BG on October 17, 2016 at 5:41 pm

      Hi Sandra –

      Thanks for your comment on the “Let The Chips Fall” website.

      First off… I’m not associated with Play Studios, so I can’t “check” anyone’s Loyalty Point earnings.

      But, since you asked, my best guess is that your friend ALSO plays a DIFFERENT MyVegas game, (MyVegas of Facebook, MyVegas Mobile, MyVegas BlackJack or Konami Slots) and has synced their Loyalty Points by associating their MyVegas accounts with their Facebook Profile. Once you sync your profile (which is important, in order to “save” your Loyalty Points and Game progress) all your Loyalty Points from ANY of the MyVegas games will appear in your total.

      Good luck on Pop Slots!


      Bob from LetTheChipsFall.com

  4. Mark Emanuele on November 11, 2016 at 12:56 am

    How are people reaching level three four and five hundred and only been playing a few months since the game is fairly new I play it often and I cannot reach those levels

    • BG on November 12, 2016 at 7:24 am

      Well… some folks buy chips. Some folks collect their chips every two hours. Some folks save their chips until they can play with only really big bets. Some win huge bonuses.
      When you bet larger amounts… the Levels go by faster.
      Hope that helps!

  5. Brian on December 11, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Hi, longtime Myvegas player from CA here who also plays desktop and the other 3 mobile platforms. I have kept a chip inventory of at least 200 million chips since Level 50 or so by playing about 500,000 or so give or take per spin on the games. I am now over Level 150 and am moving steadily up this way while never going broke. Also, if you can afford it. STICK WITH THE MACHINE YOU ARE ON UNTIL SOME ONE TRIGGERS THE BONUS ROUND. The more money and time invested leads to bigger bonus payouts. If all your fellow players leave, don’t worry, the system will always get you new machine-mates to give you a better chance to get into a bonus round.

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