New York New York MyVegas Game

Yesterday, the folks at MyVegas started unveiling a new game: New York New York.

It is a 5 reel slot game that has been rolled out on a trial basis.

NY NY Taxi Game - MyVegas -

There are hot dogs, ice cream cones, ‘slices’ of pizza, pretzels, as well as some Characters: Buster Bob the construction worker, Tracey Trigger, Officer Harriet and the McFarmer family (from the Bet The Farm game)

In addition there are Bonus rounds: 

New York New York MyVegas Game -

The Uptown Bonus is where Sophia loses her poodle down a manhole… and Buster Bob has to choose which manhole to get Fifi out of. (And no, even though Fifi always falls in the first manhole, that doesn’t matter) 

New York New York MyVegas Game -

The Downtown Bonus is where you help Tracey Trigger crack the safe and grab the money out of the Armored Car.

At the bottom of the game is a street, with the McFarmers standing on the sidewalk.  As you get taxi icons showing up in your reel spins, the taxi picks up the McFarmers, and advances them one car space forward through the traffic light. (In the top image, the taxi is almost through the traffic light, and into free spin mode)

Taxi Icons - MyVegas -

If you get two traffic lights and the taxi icon, you instantly advance through the stoplight, and start the Free Spin Bonus.

Taxi Icons - MyVegas -

It seems that not everyone can play, yet, but hopefully they open it to everyone soon !

Good luck !!!

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