The authors/owners/developers of this site, (hereafter known as Bob & Lorie) have no involvement with any of the Folks at Facebook, MyVegas or MGM Resorts, other than as customers.

  • We LOVE playing MyVegas.
  • Our families have been long-standing customers of MGM Resorts.
  • We also have Facebook accounts.  *

We have not received, nor do we expect to receive, any form of compensation, either in cash, or in kind, from the above-mentioned parties.  (Beyond the normal benefits offered to EVERYONE for playing the MyVegas Facebook game.  * )

* – Yup, this is FULL disclosure !!!

MyVegas Chip - Strategic Play

We hope that those same parties will understand that our love for their respective products has driven us to produce this site, with the hope that any hints, tips or tricks we find, may help others to better enjoy the MyVegas game and apps, and through that, possibly have a better experience in Las Vegas.  There is no intent to claim any images, characters, games or intellectual content as our own property.

We do not advocate gambling or online betting, and suggest that each individual should be aware of compulsive or addictive behaviors… It isn’t our saying, but we believe it:

“Know your limit, and play within it.”

Have fun !!!