Chapter 8 – Redeeming MyVegas Rewards

When you first start playing MyVegas, it is a good idea to take a look at the Rewards menu, to see the relative “value” of the different Reward options (and occasionally review, to find any new additions.)

You can do this by clicking on the REWARDS link at the top left edge of the Game screen.

The policy regarding redemption has changed and been reviewed a few times, so it is always a good idea to look on the PlayStudios redemption pages for updates.  At the time of writing, the most recent changes limit any player’s redemptions to a maximum of three in any 30 day period, and limit the advance booking to 90 days.

Here are the two latest MyVegas redemption policy updates (as of the writing of this Guide – April 2013):

New Rewards Policy Update – January 18, 2013

Buster from myVEGAS Jan 18 • Players Forum / Terms and Conditions

This update provides additional clarification on the new policy, and now includes an exemption for all rewards that were booked prior to the announcement of this change on January 16. So if you made a reservation or have redeemed a reward and have an email with a code to take to an M life booth, your rewards will be exempt and you may use them as originally planned. 

  1. All rewards purchased prior to January 16 will be honored without restriction up to the 90-day expiration date that was originally communicated.
  2. Rewards purchased on or after January 16 are subject to the limitation of 3 maximum redemptions within a rolling 30-day period.
  3. The 30-day rolling period will start being enforced for redemptions completed from March 1 onward.
  4. Playstudios reserves the right to exempt certain players from this restriction based upon our own evaluation of that specific player’s loyalty.
  5. A system solution to enforcing these rules will be in place by March 1, and will provide clarity to both players and MGM csr’s as to an individual player’s status with respect to the above policies.

Changes to Rewards Redemption Policy – Effective March 1, 2013

Buster from myVEGAS Jan 16 • Players Forum / Terms and Conditions

As you know, myVEGAS is a lot like the real city – it’s constantly evolving. In every case, we hope that new features, games and rewards enhance the overall experience for everyone. However, on occasion we need to make changes in the interest of preserving the overall integrity and long-term viability of our program. 

Beginning March 1, we’ll begin limiting reward redemptions to no more than three in any 30-day period. The spirit of the Rewards program has always been to give players real world benefits and encourage them to enjoy a variety of activities once they get to Las Vegas. It was never intended to fully subsidize their Las Vegas vacations.  

Keep in mind, there is no restriction on the type or value of the three rewards, just the number. That means players can enjoy a free room, a wonderful dinner, and tickets to a show all within a single trip. For most, this is a substantial benefit. In addition, we’ll be adding more rewards from a collection of exciting new partners and outlets, further expanding these benefits. 

As far as redeeming for rewards, I would encourage everyone who plays MyVegas to sign up for the MLife program.  Although the MLife Program and MyVegas game are run by different companies… they are partners.  Worse case, if you sign up… they send you information about an offer that you don’t use… but the MLife emails usually have links for free MyVegas Chips!  So, sign up at:   (Plus you will need to be a member of the MLife Players Club, in order to eventually redeem your rewards in Las Vegas, anyway.)

Once you have your travel plans set, and know you are within the 90 day rewards window, you go the REWARDS menu (indicated by the red arrow in the image that follows.)  This opens up the Rewards window.  You can then sort the various rewards by MGM Resort Properties, Loyalty Point value or reward category.

Some rewards have daily limits, and (as I took the screen capture of the Rewards menu late at night) some of the items have sold out for the day.

Anecdotal online chatter indicates that it is easier to book rewards earlier in the day… and, it only makes sense, as the day goes on, that limited quantity items would “run out.”


To redeem Loyalty Points for a reward, simply click on the green button under the desired reward.  Another screen will open, with instructions on how to reserve that selected reward.  You may have to give your name and email address (as well as agreeing to Terms and Conditions) before going ahead.

Your reward is then reserved for you.  There will be different redemption instructions (depending on the reward) and it is important to read them carefully to make sure you understand how to complete the process.

(For example, redeeming Loyalty Points for two Cirque du Soleil LOVE tickets, doesn’t book you the seats at a specific performance… for that, you have to contact the Resort Property, and talk to the Box Office.)

Once you have completed the reward reservation process, you will be given a Redemption Confirmation Number.  (You can also find the Confirmation Numbers for all completed transactions by clicking the “My Purchases” link on the top right corner of the REWARDS screen.

If you have any questions or concerns, there is information available in the SUPPORT section of MyVegas (The link is right below the “Elvis” Add Friends button, at the bottom of the game screen.)  If the FAQs don’t answer your questions, you can always ask the support team, via the FEEDBACK FORM. (Found in the same spot, via the SUPPORT link.)

The URL for the MyVegas Help Center is: