Chapter 6 – MyVegas Games

There are currently nine games available to play on MyVegas.

Eight are slot games, of various themes, and a card game, Black Jack.

The themes of the MyVegas games are varied… just like the real-life MGM Resort Properties.

  • The Excalibur slot game is based on knights, and climbing a castle tower to reach the princess.
  • The Lost in Time slot game is based on a Jules Verne treasure hunt.
  • The Luxor slot game is based around the mystical characters of ancient Egypt.
  • Bet The Farm slot game pits a family of farmers against the elements, while trying to grow their crops and build their farm.
  • New York New York slot game is based on that same family of farmers trying to navigate the streets of New York City.
  • Around The World In 80 Plays is a slot game based on Jules Verne’s adventure novel “Around The World In 80 Days.”
  • Studio City slot game is developed around the theme of a Hollywood blockbuster, with bonuses based on script, actor, actress and Award season.
  • Lucky Birds slot game finds a variety of wacky birds living in a paradise with sneaky foxes. You pick randomly-placed magic eggs, for the Bonus game.
  • Black Jack is the familiar card game, based on trying to get closer than the dealer to a total card count of 21, without going over. (Accessed through the TABLE GAMES option on the Games menu)

As new games are developed and introduced, or special occasions occur, there are sometimes special bonuses… (For instance: during Oscar weekend, the Studio City slot game rewarded players with double XP Points… when the Luxor slot game was introduced, it also gave players double XP Points for the weekend… and on St. Patrick’s Day, they offered double XP Points all weekend. Just a few reasons to make sure to LIKE the MyVegas Facebook page, to make sure you are aware of these bonuses, so you can take full advantage of them!)

MyVegas Chip - Strategic Play

On the website, we have worked to compile a list of when the different Resort Properties, Bonuses and Games become available: