Chapter 5 – Building MyVegas MGM Resort Properties

The first few Levels of the MyVegas game are easy to progress through, and you can very quickly proceed through, and build your first four MGM Resort Properties: Monte Carlo, Circus Circus, New York New York and the Mirage.

Having a MyVegas “V” symbol show up on the screen, starts you collecting the various architectural elements to build your own MyVegas virtual Las Vegas Strip.

MyVegas V - actual V

The first Hotel Resort you build is the Monte Carlo.

Every time you see a “V” symbol come up during a Slot spin, the game gathers and collects for you, the various elements of the MGM Resort Properties. For the Monte Carlo, these elements are: the marquee, porte cochere, street lamp, pool, volley ball court, diablo and tower building elements, in order to complete the Hotel Resort, as shown in the image on the next page:

building v symbol

Once you have collected all the pieces, you get to go ahead and build your first Resort… which you can then visit, after certain time intervals, to collect free Chips.

As you progress to building the various Resort Properties, more “V” symbols are required to complete each phase of construction.

Once you have access to your MyVegas Strip, you can collect Chips at regular intervals, from the MGM Resort Properties you have built (as well as a few other venues: a Wedding Chapel, Helicopter Tour Company and Black Jax Mini Mall). The times between Chip collections vary, depending on the Resort Property… but as with the REAL Las Vegas, time seems to fly by.

MyVegas Strip

In the above example, you would “click and pull” yourself around, using mouse.

Collect Chips

When you see an icon with a Red Chip and Gold Loyalty Point Chip, and you position your mouse over it, it changes to the “Click to Collect” icon, and upon clicking on it, you will receive varying amounts of Chips or Loyalty Points, depending upon what Resort Property it is, and how lucky you are at that moment. (As shown in the above image.)

Collect In Minutes

If you are too early, there won’t be a Chip/Loyalty Points icon, but when you mouse over the Property, it will show a banner, (like the one above) indicating the amount of time until Chips can be collected.

As you progress through the Levels in MyVegas, you get to play different games, use increasingly bigger multiple spins, and build more MGM Resort Properties. As you continue to build the different Casinos, the newer Properties will give increasingly higher Chip rewards. (And you will need a bigger stack of Chips, as you progress into higher Levels, where there are larger gaps between Levels and Property bonuses.) However, the time interval increases, along with the Chip value, so you can’t collect from the MGM Grand (for example) as often as you can from the Monte Carlo.

On the website, we have worked to compile a list of when the different Resort Properties, Bonuses and Games become available: