Chapter 4 – Getting Chips in MyVegas

When you first start playing MyVegas, for the first few Levels, if you run out of Chips, they are “magically” replenished. This (sadly) doesn’t continue past the first few levels. Once you have built your first Resort Property, you are on your own, and have to collect and maintain your own stack of Chips, in order to keep playing. Here are a few different ways to maximize your Chip stack:

  • LIKE the MyVegas App page, so that you are notified of Specials, Events and Free Chip Bonuses.
  • Log in to play every day. (This will increase the multiplier on your Daily Bonus Spin.)
  • Check which Facebook Friends are currently playing MyVegas and “Send Gifts” as frequently as possible. (The more Friends, the higher your Bonus.)
  • Keep going and building MyVegas Resort Properties.
  • Log in, and collect Chips from your completed MyVegas Resorts, frequently.
  • Or, you can buy Chips using Facebook Credits or a Credit Card.

MyVegas Chip - Strategic Play