Chapter 3 – MyVegas Sharing And Privacy On FB

I don’t presume to know what your relationship is with your online community and friends. I DO know, however, that at the beginning of playing MyVegas, there are a lot of notifications that are sent out, as you Level Up and get Bonuses – unless you change the way MyVegas sends out notifications and posts updates to your Facebook wall.

Facebook seems to “tweak” their settings and interface options almost weekly, (I joke, kinda) but here is how to change the options for MyVegas, currently. (Make sure you have already completed one spin of the reels, first):

1) Click on the gear icon at the top, on the right hand side, next to your Facebook picture and name, in order to access the pull down menu.


3) In the menu that comes up on the left of the screen, click on APPS

4) If MyVEGAS SLOTS is showing in the list, click EDIT beside it. Otherwise click SHOW ALL APPS, and click EDIT beside MyVEGAS SLOTS

5) Change the settings to what you feel comfortable with (my choices are shown below)

6) Click CLOSE to save any changes, and click on the HOME link at the top to take you back to your timeline

Facebook Settings

The settings I chose are:

– Visibility of App – ONLY ME

– When to notify me – NEVER

I chose these because I don’t want any notifications being posted on my Facebook Wall, without my approval… but you can choose whatever Facebook privacy settings you are comfortable with.

Because you already LIKED the MyVegas Facebook Page, you WILL get notices on your timeline, when new games, Bonuses or free Chips become available.

But this doesn’t mean that when you Level Up… complete a Bonus Round… get a big Chip Win… or build a new Resort Property, you won’t have to UNCHECK the “Share With Friends” checkbox, as shown below.

Share With Friends

Again, how much, or how little of your game activity you share, is up to you. (Personally, if I NEVER see another Farmville notice, I’ll be just fine.)

You don’t ever have to pay a penny to play MyVegas, although, as you run low on chips, and the game progresses, the option to buy chips is frequently presented. But, if you just wait a few hours, you can come back, visit your MyVegas Strip, and collect the free chips, to begin playing again.

To quit playing, you can simply close your Facebook window (wait until any winnings have been collected) or if you want to quit playing but not close Facebook, click on the HOME link, to go to your timeline.

To begin playing later, or to collect Chips, log in to Facebook. On the left side of your timeline should be a list of APPS. You should see MyVEGAS SLOTS listed. Click on it to open it.

Then, after the game finishes loading, a few screens may pop up, telling you about special promotions and offering deals on buying Chips. There is usually a red X in the top right corner to close each window, or a menu option at the bottom of the pop-up window. Then you collect your chips from your MyVegas Strip, and select a game to play.