Chapter 2 – Beginning To Play MyVegas

To begin playing MyVegas, you must first have a Facebook account. This is free, and you can sign up online at

Once you have a Facebook account, it is best to go to the MyVegas App page, by using the Facebook search bar. You can find this page at Click the LIKE button.

Then you click on the PLAY GAME Button, next to the LIKE button, and you are taken to the Game, itself. A pop-up window appears to confirm you want to play the game. Click PLAY GAME to continue.

The object is to play Vegas-style games with Chips, in order to gain Experience Points (XP Points) and Loyalty Points.

An intro screen (and music) starts you off (so don’t be playing this at work, or everyone will know it!)

To turn off the music and sounds, the menu is at the bottom right hand of the game screen. The three icons are (top to bottom) sound, music and full screen option. If they are a dark colour, they have been turned off, but the default is for sound and music to be on.

The first screen to come up is the “Let’s Get Started…” screen… (shown below) Click PLAY on the Excalibur Slot Game in the highlighted circle. This is the only game available to you when you first start.

flash page for MyVegas

Once you click PLAY, the Excalibur Slot game will load, and again the Princess will indicate some of the basic elements of the game, with the help of a moving star. For instance, in the image below, the star indicates how to start playing by making your first bet. (PLAY 60 chips).


Pretty soon, the tutorial runs its course, and you are on your own. Just keep pressing the PLAY 60 button, until you Level Up, and get the opportunity to increase your bet to 150 Chips.

Here is a picture of a regular game screen:

Excalibur Screen

On the top left is a menu where you can look at the REWARDS, select different GAMES (as you progress through different Levels), or invite and send gifts to Friends (under the MORE menu.)

On the top in the middle, is an angled colored block, with a number in the middle. This is the MyVegas Level you are currently playing. The example above shows Level 115. Directly beside that indicator, is the Experience Points (XP Points) you have collected, and the number of XP Points to get to the next Level. (In the above example, I have collected (played) 68,495,656 XP Points, and will get to Level 116, once I reach 69,400,000.) If I move my mouse over this item on the screen, a pop-up window tells me I have 904,344 XP Points to the next Level, and if I click, I can see what awards I receive for getting to the next Level (or “Leveling Up”.)

On the top right of the screen, are two icons: a Red Coin and a Gold Coin, with numbers beside each. The Red Coin indicates the number of Chips you have. The Gold Coin indicates the number of Loyalty Points you have.

So, what do these things mean?

Games are played with Chips you bet. You build Resort Properties and collect Chips. When you get notices by email and on your Facebook wall, from MyVegas, often they have a link you can click for free Chips. Chips allow you to play and advance in the game. (See Chapter 4 for all the ways to earn and collect Chips.)

As you bet Chips (red coins), you collect XP Points, which measure your progress through the game and game levels. (There are different game options, games, and Resort Properties added at different levels.)

You also gather Loyalty Points (gold coins), which are the “points” that count towards getting real-life Las Vegas rewards: drinks, meals, hotel rooms, tickets to shows and more.

When you first start playing MyVegas, you can only play the Excalibur 5-reel slot game (pictured above.) When you start, the only option is to play a single spin at a time for 60 Chips, by pressing the PLAY 60 button, located in the lower right portion of the game. As you repeatedly do this, you will see the XP Points at the top increase and the Loyalty Point Progress Meter (on the lower left corner of the game) start to fill with Gold Coins. When it is full, the Loyalty Point chips fly up to the top right Loyalty Point counter (gold coins), and increase your total by 10.

Just like in Las Vegas, in MyVegas, each person plays as an individual. You cannot share the XP Points or Loyalty Points you have collected with another person. But you can invite and reward your friends to also play MyVegas. When I connect with Facebook friends who are playing MyVegas, I can send them a daily Bonus of 50 Chips and 5 Loyalty Points.

Once you have played enough to gain “access” to the MyVegas Strip at the bottom of the window, under the game screen, once you connect with Facebook friends, you will see a series of icons. (Please see image below)

These are some of my friends who play MyVegas. You can see they are “ranked” from the highest game Level achieved, on the left, to the lowest on the right… non-playing friends are shown after that.

FB Friends

You can also find any other Facebook friends who are already playing MyVegas, which you haven’t yet connected with: Click on the MORE pull-down menu at the top left bar (rewards, games, more), and select INVITE FRIENDS… in the window, that pops up, click on MyVEGAS PLAYERS, and invite those friends that you haven’t connected with, to share Chips with you. (You get 100 Chips for every friend that accepts your invite, on top of the daily Chips you can send each other.)