In the Mobile App, once you get access to the Strip, there are Challenges that awards Loyalty Points and Bonus Chips when completed.

A reader named Teena commented that it would be great to have a Table of Challenges, so in that way we could know what Challenges require, and how best to strategically play.  So, as Teena said in her email: “if you need 36 LP’s, why continue to spin on that game when you could play an easier game until you got to 35 LP’s, and then then switch back.

So, with that in mind, we are working on building a series of Tables*, to try to help with allowing you to have an overview of the Challenges*.

Of course, the Challenges are locked, and you may not ALWAYS be able to complete them in the most efficient order.
The challenges that you have to “keep an eye on”, are:

The BETMAX Challenges, marked in BLUE on the Challenge Tables
The Loyalty Point Challenges, marked in GOLD on the Challenge Tables

Anyway… we thought it was a good idea, and hopefully some folks find it useful !

Thanks again to Teena for the great idea !!!

The MyVegas folks seem to be grouping the Challenges, with Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels, numbered 1 through 10… so 30 per Level.

On the Strip, the first Level is called “Carousel Lane”.  The Second is “King’s Court”… Then “Outa’ My Way”… and so on.

* May 2014 – Because the folks at MyVegas are adding games, and changing the Challenges, we’re going to revise the tables to give everyone a “heads up” on the oncoming Challenges, with the knowledge that the details of the Games in the Challenges may change.

Good luck !!!

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