MyVegas Hidden Object Games

I have stated here previously that I am not a fan of the MyVegas Hidden Object Games, because my brain doesn’t process well that way.

MyVegas Hidden Image Games - Let The Chips Fall |

In response to that, we got the following suggestion from a reader, John… and it sounds like an idea that might help folks succeed in MyVegas, so I thought I would pass it along… 

“It’s easy to do the hidden object games.  Immediately upon the bonus game being revealed, hit Alt – PrtScrn to save the game as a bitmap image on the Windows clipboard.  Immediately after that hit the ‘pause’ just under the # of days.  Should cost you no more than one day.  Then, at your leisure, paste the image into Paint and find all the hidden objects.  Memorize the six locations.  I like to draw a red oval around each as I find it.

When you have the six locations memorized, Alt-tab back to your web browser, click the ‘pause’ again to reveal the screen.  You should be able to click all six items within 3 or 4 counts of the game.  My best so far is finishing the last bonus with 62 days left of the 80.”

Thanks, John !!!

Personally, my favorite game is Studio City, but I’m sure that many of our readers and MyVegas players will benefit from your suggestion.

Good luck !!!


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