Hoppy Easter MyVegas Challenge

There is an EGG-citing Challenge on Facebook MyVegas, for the next dozen days… It is the Hoppy Easter Challenge.

Hoppy Easter Challenge - MyVegas Facebook | LetTheChipsFall.com

Over the coming days (until April 20th) as you play Slot Games on the MyVegas Facebook version, you automatically collect different eggs towards the number the Challenge requires.  When you get them all, you get to scratch a bonus card to win Chips.

Work through all the Scratch Cards for each day, and you get a Loyalty Point Completion Bonus.

(I have to say, it seems to be easier for early level MyVegas players to complete each day’s Challenge, than for those playing the higher levels…  #JustSayin)

Have a hoppy Easter !!!

Good luck !!!

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