Halloween Puzzle Bonus Quest

The Halloween Puzzle Bonus Quest is the now familiar (but still awesome) MyVegas Bonus Game, where as you play, game pieces are collected for you… so you can win Bonus Chips !!!  (Really… who DOESN’T like FREE MyVegas Bonus Chips ?!?) However, this time there is an added treat, that at the end, you can send the completed puzzle card to your Facebook friends.

MyVegas Halloween Puzzle Bonus Quest

The puzzle pieces you need are:

  • 8 – Casino Visitors – 1000 Bonus Chips
  • 12 – Pumpkins – 1600 Bonus Chips
  • 15 – Promenade Pieces – Some* Bonus Chips
  • 20 – Fountain – Some* Bonus Chips
  • 25 – Tower – Some* Bonus Chips

Some* – Bonus Chips awarded vary based on the Game Level you’ve achieved.

Happy Hallowe’en !!!

Good luck !!!

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