Frontier Fortune Bonus Game

The MyVegas elves have been busy again, apparently dreaming up a new “Frontier Fortune” Slot Game.

To celebrate the introduction, they have started a Bonus Game, where (again) the pieces are collected for you automatically.

There are five levels, where you collect / receive:

  • 10 Lasso Ropes – 1500 Bonus Chips
  • 20 Horseshoes – 2000 Bonus Chips
  • 30 Jugs of Sarsaparilla – 5000 Bonus Chips (times your Bonus Multiplier number *1)
  • 30 Fry Pans of Vittles – 7500 Bonus Chips (times your Bonus Multiplier number *1)

And the final level, where you unlock the Frontier Fortune Slot Game early:

  • 70 Claim Maps – 10 K Bonus Chips (times your Bonus Multiplier number *1)

Good luck !

Frontier Fortune Bonus Game - Let The Chips Fall -

*1 – Our LTCF Team encountered varying Bonus Multiplier numbers, which seem to vary, based on how far they had advanced (in Levels) in the game.

The multipliers seem to vary for each player (Example above shows 8X, 8X & 10X)

The Sarsaparilla Bonus Multiplier varied from 2x to 8x



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