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Although you only start with one game option, within a very short time in MyVegas, you get a LOT of different games and options pretty quickly.

In the beginning of MyVegas, the players tend to progress through the levels pretty quickly… which is a good thing, because you want to play and experience it.  By the tme you get to the levels in the mid 40’s, where you have to get 300,000 points between level changes, and 10 levels before you build another property… it can drag a bit…  But… I digress…

You get access to a LOT of games, within a pretty short period of play.

Myvegas Games - LetTheChipsFall.com

Level 1 – Excalibur Slots

Level 4 – Bet The Farm Game

Level 7 – BlackJack

Level 9 – Jewels Verne

Level 12 – Lucky Birds

and… after a stretch…

Level 45 – Studio City

The MyVegas folks also tantalize us with two other games:

Around The World – Coming Soon*

Circus Circus – Coming Soon*

*(Not sure if they are still working on it, or I just haven’t progressed far enough, yet)


There are also other perks that you get to make playing easier, as you progress.

Auto Spin is a setting that allows your game to play without you pressing the SPIN button every time.  You gain the ability to spin for longer (providing you have the chips, and don’t hit a bonus round) as you progress through levels.

Level 4 – Auto Spin 10 X

Level 15 – Auto Spin 25 X

Level 30 – Auto Spin 50 X

Level 50 – Auto Spin 100 X

Level 100 – Auto Spin 200 X

The “line multiplier” also changes, as you progress, so you can vary the amount you bet.

At the beginning of the Excalibur Slots Game, you have to bet 30 lines, and 2 chips per line, for a bet per spin of 60 chips.

As you progress, you can bet more chips per line… so you could (potentially) bet 15,000 chips per spin. (Not my style of play, but it there for someone who wants it)

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