MyVegas Million Chip A Day Giveaway

Saw this notice from the MyVegas folks on Facebook, and thought I would share it:

Luxor - MyVegas Million Chip A Day Giveaway | Let the Chips Fall |

To celebrate the launch of their new LUXOR MyVegas Game, the folks at PlayStudios are giving away a million free chips, every day for the next seven days.

They will be picking 100 active players, who are playing the Luxor game, and giving each of those players 10,000 free Chips.

Good luck !!!

Rewards Redemption Policy From PlayStudios

There was originally a post, then that disappeared and there was ANOTHER post.

That ALSO has disappeared…

And I am now going to revise a link to the PlayStudios Support Page, because as the number of Rewards Partners expands, there are seemingly different rules and numbers applicable.  (It makes sense, and again, I’m just trying to help… I am not affiliated with MyVegas or PlayStudios… I’m just trying to help!)

Anyway… here are the links:

Our Rewards

Sign up for an M Life account


Good luck in MyVegas… and May the Redemptions be Ever in Your Favor!!


LIKE the MyVegas Facebook App Page

Everyone who plays MyVegas is on Facebook.

Not everyone who plays MyVegas has LIKED the MyVegas App.

Each of those LIKES, would put into your timeline (unless you block it from posting) occasional updates giving you a link for FREE CHIPS.

Who doesn’t LIKE that ???

Like Bonus on Facebook -

If you haven’t LIKED the MyVegas page… get on it !  Here is the link:

Good luck !!!

Redeeming A MyVegas Reward

Following the recent “real-time” MyVegas Facebook Happy Hour Chat, a reader* asked me about redeeming a reward.

It seems he had gone online and tried to redeem loyalty points to purchase a food credit, but when he hit the [NEXT] button, nothing happened.

He submitted a ticket, but (because it was very late at night) didn’t get an immediate response, and asked me if I could offer an answer.

It seems that the “rewards available” number isn’t updated every time an item is redeemed… so is often wrong.

MyVegas Rewards - Redeeming MyVegas Rewards

So, the recommendation from the MyVegas Team, is to try to redeem Loyalty Points for MGM Resort rewards early in the day, when they are first released.  (For limited quantity items, especially !!!)

* Thanks Peter J. for providing the ‘heads up’ on this !!!