OUCH – Further Reductions to MyVegas Level Rewards

Sad ClownLooks like the folks at Play Studios have decided to, once more, lower the Chips and Loyalty Points awarded for Leveling Up.

A few weeks ago, on reaching Level 94, you would get 7500 Chips and 1000 LP’s.

Then, it was reduced to 6000 Chips and 750 LP’s.

Tonight, upon reaching Level 94, you get 3500 Chips and 500 LP’s.

There seem to be changes consistent with this level of reductions at most Levels our LTCF Team can see.


Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes

The folks at MyVegas seem to have (again) tweaked the Level Up Bonuses… changing the amounts of the awarded Chips and Loyalty Points.

Our team is working diligently on compiling an updated database, and hope to have something up soon.

In the meantime, good luck !!!