The folks at MyVegas added another Slot Game to Facebook MyVegas last weekend.  It is Pandarama, and for the next while (until Tuesday, April 8th at midnight) there are Double XP Points when you play it.

Now… to gain access to the game, you either have to either invite three Facebook friends (who aren’t already in your MyVegas friends group) or buy Chips.

Pandarama is played on the Facebook version of MyVegas. It is a five reel Slot Game, with three Bonus Games.

Pandarama - MyVegas game on Facebook | Let The Chips Fall |

As always with MyVegas Games, the tiles and characters match the theme of the game… and as the Panda’s in this game are crime-fighting superheroes, the tiles are comprised of Pandas, Gator Villains, Crab Robots, Police cars, handcuffs, Polar Bear Chief of Police, money bags and such.  You can consult the game’s PAYS table, to find out all the different winning combinations.

Just above the reels, near the top of the Game field, you can see there are three sections: Gator Raid, FreeSpin and Mad Crab.

Each of these Bonus Games is triggered by collecting the appropriate number of winning tiles to add an icon to each of the sections.  When you collect three icons in a section, you get to play the Bonus Game associated with that section.

Gator Raid is a Panda, fighting against a bank-robbing Gator.  After you press the BATTLE button, whoever captures the other in their “bubble ray”, gets to choose two money bags of Bonus Chips, from those strewn around the crime scene.  There are twelve bags of Bonus Chips, and depending on the game you choose to play, there are varying numbers of rounds.  At the end of the Bonus, depending on how many rounds you’ve won against the Gator, you can choose whether you want to play a final “All or Nothing” round, or not.. wagering all the Bonus Chips you have collected to that point, against all the Gator collected, in an ALL or NOTHING final game.

Gator Raid Bonus Game - Pandarama | MyVegas |

The Free Spin Bonus is a bunch of free spins (Not much to explain there) !!!

The Mad Crab Bonus Game is a robotic Crab, “terrorizing the city” that our three Panda heroes have to defeat, pressing the BATTLE button, and collecting Bonus Chips in each turn, until a “Collect” plate comes up, and the Bonus Game comes to an end. (And, of course, your Pandas defeat the robot.)

Mad Crab Bonus Game - Pandarama | MyVegas |

It is great that the MyVegas folks are continuing to produce new games for the FB Version and add games to the Mobile App… but (for myself) I prefer a faster pace of Bonus Game, and the Gator Raid Bonus Game to me, was (after a few rounds) kinda clunky, and slow.  The Mad Crab Bonus Game was better, and similar to the Luxor’s Sphinx-Ray Bonus or Pirate’s Cove’s Caribbean Gold Bonus.  But having said that, I don’t know that I am necessarily the Target Market for this kind of game… I personally prefer something faster and more straight-forward like Studio City… and a lot of my friends find that too boring… so great that PlayStudios are continuing to develop and create different games, so there is something for everyone !!!

Good luck !



MyVegas Goes Mobile

The folks at MyVegas have finally found a way to create apps for Apple and Android products that allow us to take MyVegas on the road !!!

The apps play MyVegas as a separate game. (Regardless of the Level you’ve reached on your computer, you start the App at Level 1.)

But, when you link the App to your Facebook account (which you HAVE to do, to redeem Loyalty Points) your LP total will update, and track them all together.

MyVegas Mobile App

The folks at MyVegas are “tweaking” and changing things regularly, as they discover issues and sort them out… but we have put a MyVegas Mobile App preliminary Playing Guide here, as we work on updating our e-Book.

In the meantime, play on… and Good Luck !!!



VegasMonorail Train Quest

This weekend the folks at MyVegas are having a Monorail Train Quest, where (as always) the pieces are collected automatically, as you play any MyVegas Slot Game… and you receive free Bonus Chips !!!

There are five sections to the Quest:

  • 8 – Train Tracks – 750 Bonus Chips
  • 10 – Monorail Trains – 1000 Bonus Chips
  • 15 – Train Buffers – 1500 Bonus Chips x Bonus Multiplier*
  • 25 – Train Stops – 2500 Bonus Chips x Bonus Multiplier*
  • 40 – Main Stations – 7500 Bonus Chips x Bonus Multiplier*


*Bonus Multiplier – Determined by the Game Level achieved

Good luck !!!



MyVegas Puzzle Quest

This morning, the folks at MyVegas have unveiled a new one-day Bonus Quest game:

MyVegas Puzzle Quest - Let The Chips Fall

Puzzle Quest is the (now) familiar MyVegas Bonus Game, where as you play, game pieces are automagically collected for you… so you can win Bonus Chips !!!  However, this time there is an added treat, that at the end, you can send the completed puzzle card to your friends.

The puzzle pieces you need are:

  • 5 – Beach Goers – 400 Bonus Chips
  • 10 – Waves – 500 Bonus Chips
  • 15 – Casinos – Some* Bonus Chips
  • 20 – Beach Umbrellas – Some* Bonus Chips
  • 25 – Beach Club – Some* Bonus Chips

Some* – Bonus Chips awarded vary based on the Game Level you’ve achieved.

Enjoy the September Sunshine, and the beach scene !!!

Good luck !!!

Pirate’s Cove – New MyVegas Slot Game

Today, the scurvy knaves at MyVegas rolled out another new Slot Game – Pirate’s Cove.

Initially, it is only available to players who either buy chips, or invite three (or more) friends who aren’t already playing MyVegas to join… but I’m sure it will be open to everyone, soon.

In the meantime, here is the skinny, if ye ARRRRRRGH ready !!!  (Last pirate joke… sorry !!!)

Pirate's Cove - MyVegas Slot Game

It is a five reel Slot Game, with three Bonus Games.

As always with MyVegas Games, the tiles and characters match the theme of the game… so the tiles are comprised of Pirates, Parrots, Treasure Maps, Cannons, Captain, Anchors, Telescopes, Sharks and such.  You can consult the game’s PAYS table, to find out all the different winning combinations.

Just above the reels, near the top of the Game field, you can see there are three sections: Caribbean Gold, Free Spin & Golden Conquest.

These are the three Bonus Games, and you get to play them, by collecting three of the appropriate tiles: Caribbean Gold Bonus is three treasure chests, Free Spins Bonus is three ship’s wheels and Golden Conquest is three sets of crossed cutlasses.

Caribbean Gold Bonus Game - MyVegas PC - Caribbean Gold Bonus 1
  •  Caribbean Gold Bonus is similar to one of the Luxor Game Bonuses, where you have bonus numbers spinning horizontally around your ship, and whatever the number is, when the spinning stops… you get that number of Bonus Chips.
  • Free Spin Bonus is a number of free spins, where you don’t have to bet anything, in order to win Bonus Chips.
PC - Golden Conquest Bonus 1 Golden Conquest Bonus Game - MyVegas
  • Golden Conquest Bonus is similar to an Excalibur Bonus Game, where you choose Pirate or British Captain, as the two Captains wage a cannon battle, while a hungry shark looks back and forth to see who will lose.

Overall, it seems like a pretty fun game, with the Bonus Games occurring at fairly regular intervals.

Good luck !!!