Thanksgiving On MyVegas Strip

Autumn and Thanksgiving arrived on the MyVegas Strip this morning.

The center of the strip is set for dinner, with long tables laid out.

A Turkeymobile is cruising the autumn leaf strewn strip, and overhead a blimp floats by, bringing a Happy Thanksgiving message to all.

More importantly, there is a Turkey Farm next to Circus Circus, where you can get a heaping stack of MyVegas Loyalty Points !!!

MyVegas Strip - Thanksgiving on the MyVegas Strip -

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Resort Properties

The properties on the MyVegas Strip are based on MGM Resorts Properties.

The first property you “build” is the Monte Carlo Resort.

Monte Carlo Resort - MyVegas -

Once you build that, you can also collect chips from a wedding chapel, a helicopter tour company and a used car lot.

At specific intervals* you can visit your MyVegas Strip, and collect chips from these locations, as well as any Resort Properties you’ve built.

Monte Carlo Resort – 200 chips

Helicopter tour company – 15 chips

Wedding chapel – 15 chips

Used car lot – 60 chips

Circus Circus Resort – 250 chips

New York New York Resort – 300 chips

Mirage Resort – 800 chips

Excalibur Resort – 950 chips (available at Level 18)

Bellagio Resort – 1100 chips

Luxor Resort – 1800 chips

Aria Resort – 2200 chips (available at Level 50)

Mandalay Bay Resort – 2800 chips (available at Level 58)

MGM Grand Resort – 100 Loyalty Points (available at Level 68)

Aria Resort - MyVegas -

* There are (supposed to be) specific time intervals between when you can collect chips at your completed MyVegas Resort Casinos… but frankly, I find the clock function doesn’t work very well… if you go and play a game for an hour, more MyVegas time, may have elapsed… so you can sometimes collect more frequently than you are supposed to be able to. (Time does fly, in virtual Las Vegas)  However, the higher the chip bonus, the longer you do have to wait.