Levels & Bonuses

When you start playing MyVegas, it is relatively easy to “level up”… in fact, initially, the level bonuses seem designed to allow you to continue playing, and catch on to the different aspects of the game’s environment, and the concepts, without “running out” of chips… all the while gathering bonuses, Loyalty Chips and building MGM Resort properties.

As you progress further into MyVegas, the endless chips don’t last, and there are extended periods (starting with some Levels in the 40’s) where several hundred thousand points are needed and (Levels in the 50’s) where over a million points are required to level up.  There are increasingly long stretches where you aren’t building Resort Properties, or getting any extra bells or whistles, beyond a few thousand level up Bonus Chips and Loyalty Points.

MyVegas Level range:      •  1 –  50  •  51 – 100  •  101 – 150  •  151 – 200  • 201 – 250  •  251 – 300  •

On the upside, as the “stretches” become longer, the Auto-Spin option becomes increasingly important, and I found myself clawing and gasping towards the 25X spin at Level 15, the 50x spin at Level 30 and the 100x spin at Level 50.

It is really important to maximize MyVegas Loyalty Point collection, such as when they have seasonal promotions (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years, and so on…) to log in and collect chips and Loyalty Points as often as you can. (I go as far as to set the timer on my Blackberry to remind me.)

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MyVegas Level range:      •  1 –  50  •  51 – 100  •  101 – 150  •  151 – 200  •  201 – 250  •  251 – 300  •