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Change On Many Fronts

Whew… What a whirlwind!

The folks at PlayStudios have been busy on many fronts:

  • Mobile MyVegas
  • Mobile BlackJack
  • Facebook Game
  • Shaq-tastic new games and challenges

There are puzzles and challenges, galore… and tons of new games on the various different versions… as well as new Mobile MyVegas Strip Challenges, and new ways to collect Chips for Mobile BlackJack.

And… that you can use MORE than 3 myVEGAS Rewards? In addition  to the MGM property rewards, you can enjoy rewards from Wolfgang Puck, Las Vegas Monorail, Station Casinos, House of Blues Las Vegas, & more! (Stores, restaurants and attractions that are not part of MGM Resorts, but partners.)  It is important to check the individual details on the Usage Limitations details on the Rewards Browser.

Here, at LetTheChipsFall, we’ve been working on updating our website layout, Level Data, information, and trying to keep up with the changes!

Good luck, in whatever version of MyVegas, you play!



5 Responses to Change On Many Fronts

  1. My wife recently started getting the option to watch a short commercial for an additional 3750 chips at every “collect” on MyVegas Slots Mobile. I don’t have the option and am a little further than her in every aspect of the game. Does anyone know what unlocks this?

    • Hi Brandon –
      Not unless she started doing the “Earn MyVegas Chips” challenges, on the bottom right side of the screen (beside the Music & Volume controls) ???

      • No. This is on the mobile version… I don’t see that option anywhere, and neither of us play on Facebook. Only mobile. This just started about a week ago.

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