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Valentine’s Day Puzzle Bonus

For those still playing the Facebook version, there is a Valentine’s Day Bonus, as “Love is in the air !!!” Like previous puzzle games, as you play the Slot Games on the Facebook version, you automatically collect tokens. (Same as previous Bonus Games)  The tokens have different Valentines-related themes… Chocolates, Limos etc. When you collect… Continue Reading

MyVegas Goes Mobile

The folks at MyVegas have finally found a way to create apps for Apple and Android products that allow us to take MyVegas on the road !!! The apps play MyVegas as a separate game. (Regardless of the Level you’ve reached on your computer, you start the App at Level 1.) But, when you link… Continue Reading

VegasMonorail Train Quest

This weekend the folks at MyVegas are having a Monorail Train Quest, where (as always) the pieces are collected automatically, as you play any MyVegas Slot Game… and you receive free Bonus Chips !!! There are five sections to the Quest: 8 – Train Tracks – 750 Bonus Chips 10 – Monorail Trains – 1000… Continue Reading

Pirate’s Cove – New MyVegas Slot Game

Today, the scurvy knaves at MyVegas rolled out another new Slot Game – Pirate’s Cove. Initially, it is only available to players who either buy chips, or invite three (or more) friends who aren’t already playing MyVegas to join… but I’m sure it will be open to everyone, soon. In the meantime, here is the… Continue Reading